Sunday, March 13, 2011

Testing survey

During the last year I was very busy with teaching in University of Economics in Prague (I am teaching graduate student there) and working as test analyst, test methodic or test coordinator. But it was a fruitful time as I am happy to present the results of a testing and quality management survey which I spent several month of gathering data for.

Original study and results are published at, but only in Czech language. But you can see Google automatic translation of this page here.

More than 300 Czech IT companies were asked to fill out this questionnaire and in the end we got 84 answering sheets. The results show average knowledge among software testers working in Czech Republic. If you speak with more experienced testers or testers who actively seek knowledge, you will see their opinions and answers would be much different. I present these results as it is without any interpretation or analysis as I will present processed results in journals or at conferences.

It would be good to compare the results to diffrent country. So if you have an opportunity to do this survey in your country, please, DO IT.  Do it and send me the results.

 If you have any questions please do not hasitate and email me.

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